Mighty Acorns® began as an effort to connect urban youth with nature through a unique hands-on, experience. Chicago Wilderness recognized Mighty Acorns’ success, and began to support, and improve the program by integrating it with a highly respected, school-based, ecology curriculum.

Today, the Mighty Acorns program has the potential to be an effective, long-term process for improving our native plant and animal communities through:

• Teachers wanting to bring their science curriculum to life

"We love Mighty Acorns for so many reasons! Because the children are actively involved, science literally comes alive. It's hands-on and makes nature a real part of their world in a way that reading a book about nature never could."

4th Grade Teacher

• Connecting students to the land
• Empowering students to take action
• Teaching students the science of ecology

• Park districts and nature centers looking to implement a model conservation program

• Volunteers seeking to share their love of nature with the next generation