Educational Philosphy

By applying nationally-recognized guidelines for excellence, Mighty Acorns gives students the ability to become the next generation of environmentally-savvy problem solvers. 

Mighty Acorns uses the following key principles of environmental education based on the North American Association of Environmental Education’s guidelines for excellence.

Systems and Interdependence

Students learn they are not only connected to the ecosystem but play a huge part in it. Through in-class and on-site lessons, students discover the relationships and interactions in local ecosystems. The activities cover a wide variety of topics, everything from the food web to migration to animal adaptations!

The Importance of Where One Lives

In order to really understand their ecosystem, students must learn about the area around them. They participate in field study trips to natural areas close to their communities. This gives them the opportunity to explore and understand nature. The knowledge and skills gained in the local community gives students a base to learn about broader issues in larger ecosystems.

Learn more about the North American Association of Environmental Education.