Mighty Acorns is an elementary environmental education program that engages 3rd-5th grade students and teachers in the Midwest in stewardship, exploration, and meaningful interaction with their local ecosystems through field studies and hands-on, action-based learning opportunities that allow them to develop a lasting connection with nature.


We strive to build an environmentally literate next generation that has the know-how and inspiration to take care of nature in their communities, resulting in a healthier planet.

Partnership Values

To achieve our mission the Mighty Acorns Partnership is committed to:

small brown Facilitating an effective collaborative approach with formal and non-formal education partners to implement the Mighty Acorns curriculum throughout the Midwest

small brown Providing equal opportunities for all young people to experience being in nature by supporting field study trips to local natural areas in order to foster a personal connection with local biodiversity

small brown Providing educators with the tools and skills needed to help their students tackle real-life environmental challenges and deliver hands-on learning opportunities that reinforce learning standards