Field Study Trip

Mighty Acorns students venture to a local natural area three times a year (fall, winter and spring). These field study trips provide outdoor learning experiences, hosted by partner providers.

The field study trip helps students learn through outdoor games, explore their local ecosystem, and participate in stewardship activities. These three components are included in all field study trips.

Outdoor Learning Game

The outdoor learning game is designed to build on the pre field study activity completed in the classroom. The outdoor learning game also aligns with standards from both Strand A and Strand B. Because of this, multiple classrooms from a school may participate in the outdoor learning game together, as long as they are the same grade level.

Environmental Exploration

Outdoor observation and exploration helps students become familiar with their local ecosystem. They see how nature changes throughout the seasons and the years. Additionally, research shows that adults who spent time in the outdoors as children may have a greater commitment to environmental issues.

Stewardship Activity

Stewardship is one of the unique ways Mighty Acorns fosters a personal connection between students and natural areas in their communities. By helping to restore natural ecological communities, students develop lasting relationships with these sites.  Students participate in stewardship activities such as removing invasive plants, collecting seeds, and planting seedlings.

To ensure a fun, safe, and educational experience, schools are expected to ensure that students are dressed properly, chaperones accompany each class, and students have completed the one of the pre field study activities in the classroom. Although partner providers lead most of the field study trip, teachers help ensure that students are prepared for the trip, respectful of the site and excited! Schools work directly with partner providers to coordinate transportation, scheduling and applicable program fees.