Over 70 schools in the Midwest region provide their students with high quality, science education programs through Mighty Acorns.

Your school could be one! Help your 3rd-5th graders benefit from outdoor learning, hands-on activities, and connecting with nearby nature.   

Top Three Reasons for Schools to Join

1. We’ve done all the hard work for you. The lessons are written and standards are aligned. Did we mention it is easy to use and there are little to no materials needed too? 

2. Your students will LOVE it! What better way to teach science and environment education to your students than actually have them explore nature in their backyards.

3. It’s fun and rewarding. See your students’ stewardship work alter the landscape before your very eyes. 

Teachers: The Critical Link

Mighty Acorns is, by design, a collaborative program. Teachers provide the critical link to the classroom for this field-based program. They agree to participate in three field trips per academic year, one in each season, and to carry out pre- and post- field trip activities in the classroom. These lessons meet the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards and help to support a more meaningful and lasting experience for the students.


Mighty Acorns teachers do not need nature expertise. All that is required is a love of nature and ability to work well with students. Through training led by partner staff, teachers gain in-depth knowledge about the region’s natural history, become comfortable with the field site, and learn field and classroom activities. Teacher training varies from partner to partner, but all teachers are strongly encouraged to carry out the pre-and post-field trip lessons.

Support and Resources

In the implementation year, partner staff works intensively with teachers to ensure that they are comfortable with the program.  They help facilitate multiple links into the curriculum and ensure the program is meeting academic standards and goals. Partners and teachers identify long-term goals for the development and leadership of Mighty Acorns at each school. In subsequent years, partners continue to act as a resource for each school and tailor support based on local needs.