The Mighty Acorns curriculum offers a comprehensive package of lessons, activities, and materials for teachers of grades 3-5.

As a longstanding program, Mighty Acorns has stood the test of time and its curriculum is no exception. Based on 20 years of teacher and naturalist experience, the newly released curriculum update now aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

For an overview of the curriculum structure, view the curriculum maps.


Mighty Acorns is most effective if students participate in lessons before, during and after each of the three seasonal field study trips. The Mighty Acorns curriculum provides teachers with the pre- and post-field study lessons.


For each season, a teacher may choose from two sets of lesson strands. Teachers are encouraged to choose the strand that best supports what students are learning in their classes at the time.


Mighty Acorns contains three levels. Each level is aligned to specific Disciplinary Core Ideas in the Next Generation Science Standards. Levels 1-3 are designed to align with grades 3-5. Modifications can be made to implement the lessons in alternative grade levels and accommodate diverse learners.

Learn more about each level and view sample lessons:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


The curriculum lessons are designed for the fall, winter and spring. During each season, students venture to a nearby natural area for field study activities. These activities help students explore and learn about their local ecosystems. Students complete pre and post field study activities in the classroom to prepare them for the Field Study and contextualize their learning.


To access the curriculum, please contact Soledad Maristany.